Le storie, i racconti ed i colori del Mediterraneo prendono forma. Gioielli che portano in se il potere e la forza del mare, le contaminazioni e le sfumature di un passato prepotentemente contemporaneo.


Nascono da un attimo, da uno sguardo, da una forte ispirazione che affonda le sue radici nelle suggestive gesta dei miti del passato. Storie di eroi e di passioni, di sogni e visioni, di miti e leggende, resi attuali dalla forza creativa di un moderno Ulisse.


Gioielli densi di valori simbolici, magici e scaramantici. Parlano a chi crede nel potere salvifico e simbolico degli oggetti, all'ironia e al futuro. Come una Maga, o una Sirena buona, che diventano Incantatrici moderne!

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the Journey

As a reborn Ulysses Gerardo Sacco has travelled extensively! A troubled path, sometimes difficult, but always full of passion and a great willingness.
He was born in Crotone in 1940 and still a teenager, out of necessity, left school to go to work as a barber. These were difficult years in which the boy comes up against a harsh reality that he would have wished to be different.
And here comes the big occasion … among customers of the salon, a local goldsmith was looking for a shop boy so the young Sacco becomes the factotum of the jeweller, who became his master.
He stayed with him until 1962. He was ten years old when, timid and fearful, went into his shop, and twenty-two years old when he decided to start his own business, and embark on a journey that took him away from his roots to be trained, to learn new techniques of the trade, and so be able to blend craftsmanship and creativity in jewels rich in meaning.
Returns to Crotone, his Ithaca, in the centre of Magna Greece, where Myth, history and traditions are mixed, and where his inspiration is fuelled by a rich Mediterranean culture.
It is the early ’60s, when Gerardo Sacco made his first collection of samples, winning the 1st prize at the Exhibition of Crafts Goldsmith in Florence, and the Oscar of the Craft Show of Sanremo. A little later he will be invited to exhibit at international exhibitions, where he manages to communicate not through his broken English, but through his jewels, that enchant audiences in Hong Kong and Osaka, as well as in Lisbon, New York and Stockholm.
In the late 70s he was invited to exhibit in Tokyo with the silversmiths coming from all of Italy. He remembers the unbridled force of his first collection of silver. A collection, wholly inspired by the tools of the peasant culture of the Mediterranean, in complete opposition to the essential style in fashion at the time. And it is so that a terracotta vase and an amphora become a modern centrepiece. Japanese newspaper articles about him say that: “The newest silver are the “oldest” silver of Gerardo Sacco.”
Starting from the past, reinterpreting it and making it current with creativity is the real challenge for Gerardo Sacco.
Without doubt one of the most significant stages of this voyage is the one that occurred in the mid-80s, the meeting with Franco Zeffirelli. Theirs was a twenty-year artistic partnership, in which the famous director entrusted “the craftsman with golden hands” with the creation of scene jewellery for several films and plays.
From there the opportunity to have their jewellery worn by unforgettable stars like Liz Taylor, Glenn Close, Isabella Rossellini, and his early success as “the jeweller of the stars.”
His spirit of navigator has never died. The continuous search for knowledge, the strong desire to know and the great capacity to work in an original way all the learned elements are the basis of his creations.
It is this constant leaving and then going back, this almost magnetic force that binds him to his land, which led Gerardo Sacco to found his company in Crotone.
Positivity and determination have brought this artist-traveller to create unique pieces, which being characterized by this continuous original inspiration did not represent any collections but exclusive jewellery. Therefore, the laboratory-workshop began to be attended not only by people who want to buy a “unique” piece of jewellery, but also by divas who wearing Gerardo Sacco jewellery feel to further enhance their glamour and their beauty.
Years passed, and so in the early 90 ‘comes the need to create a corporate organization that would support the creative work of the master. The company Gerardo Sacco is one of the first to create lines of jewellery in silver, and their characteristic is that of maintaining the same feature of the single piece (ie never perfectly equal to one another because created through artisan and not automated techniques).
The commercial organization begins to expand so as to allow the spread of the collections Gerardo Sacco beyond the region not only through the opening of single brand shops, but also through numerous jewellery shops selling also Gerardo Sacco brand.

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