Handcrafted creations that tell a story, much like all stories recount wonderful encounters. Since 1963, these encounters have formed the true heritage of Gerardo Sacco. Rich with poetry and wonder, these encounters transform each jewel into precious tales that speak of an all-Italian savoir-faire. The original artistic intuition, combined with meticulous attention to threading micro pearls and the expert craftsmanship in setting precious stones, gives life to unparalleled masterpieces of high jewelry. Discover the careful and refined "tailoring" of each jewel, where style surpasses fashion and personality transcends mere appearance, where unique pieces enchant the world of luxury.

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A regal and exceptionally elegant necklace transports us into a fairy-tale and evocative world, filled with ladies and knights, passionate loves, and power struggles. The majesty and sophistication of this necklace are unparalleled, and the preciousness of its materials makes it an inimitable example of high jewelry, crafted by the master artisans of Gerardo Sacco. The necklace, dense with hypnotic charm and opulence, tells and honors that artistic and cultural period that, originating in Italy, has greatly enhanced our nation's heritage. A total of 200 grams of skillfully crafted gold, with a sublime setting of 1,226 diamonds of G VS quality and 98 sapphires, totaling 11 and 5.56 carats respectively, creates a piece that bridges the ancient goldsmithing tradition with Gerardo Sacco’s contemporary vision of jewelry. About 55 days of work, from modeling to assembly and stone setting, make this unique piece a true testament to artisanal excellence. The 19 burin-engraved gemstones narrate a story of adept craftsmanship and refined creativity. The necklace was crafted with a total of 370 perfectly calibrated and harmonized elements, creating a seductive interplay of shapes and colors.

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A true masterpiece that evokes one of the greatest examples of painting between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Once again, inspired by Simone Martini's Annunciation, Gerardo Sacco molds gold and precious stones into a remarkable example of goldsmithing artistry. This necklace embodies a sublime distillation of refinement, where culture and creative flair seamlessly blend, creating a symphony of lines and colors that endow the wearer with regal and solemn elegance. This gold necklace features sinuous and gentle lines that guide us into the enchanting world of Made In Italy. Each bezel, custom-made for its respective stone, envelops enchanting natural tourmalines cut into oval cabochons. With meticulous and careful craftsmanship, it brings to life a magnificent wonder of jewelry art, where the stringing of pearls and micro-pearls accentuates its preciousness.

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Geometric designs and sinuous curves come together in a pendant created for one of Hollywood's most iconic divas: Liz Taylor. This entire jewel, skillfully adorned with precious stones, tells the story of a young Gerardo Sacco taking his first steps into the world of cinema, alongside great directors and unforgettable divas. The brilliance and preciousness of the materials, combined with his boundless creativity, transform this jewel into an enchanting work of jewelry art. An 18 kt gold pendant that, thanks to its captivating and original shape, transforms into a sumptuous brooch. Exquisite G VS quality diamonds frame 104 sapphires, 44 rubies, and 17 emeralds, all set in flat settings. A finely crafted bezel setting of 4 faceted emeralds and 2 faceted sapphires, weighing 3.08 and 1.89 carats respectively, accentuates the magnetic line of the entire piece. Enhanced by 3 Tahitian gray pearls, the pendant evokes the warm and seductive notes of an ancient yet ever-renewing melody.

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The day

A precious and refined necklace, endowed with a seductive elegance that makes it unique in its kind. A tribute to the beauty of the day, crafted from dazzling glimmers and warm caresses, of enchanting landscapes and exuberant vitality. A butterfly, symbol of grace and rebirth, paired with a flower rich in vigor and aesthetic perfection, reflects artisanal excellence, an unmistakable model of Made in Italy. Colors blend and the splendor of the materials creates a sparkling and ethereal atmosphere around this delicate jewel. A choker in 18 kt white and yellow gold, a sublime example of high jewelry, with twelve elements masterfully assembled, following the tradition of Italian craftsmanship. The magnetic and captivating splendor of 7 black diamonds and 11 yellow diamonds, combined with 124 rubies, 24 emeralds, and 6 sapphires, lead us to unexplored places filled with vibrancy.

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The night

The night... with its dense mystery of audacity and dismay, of peace and turmoil, is narrated in a magnetic and captivating necklace. A tangible representation of what the night means to Gerardo Sacco: that inscrutable ensemble of stars and sensations, that perfect harmony between sparkle and darkness, between silence and the deafening noise of thoughts. A choker of unparalleled craftsmanship and unmistakable originality. An enveloping pave of 480 blue sapphires, punctuated by 72 G VS quality diamonds. A sinuous line of 18 kt gold supports the union of 21 elements, assembled by master artisans over more than 10 days of work. The excellence, refinement, and elegance of the necklace make this jewel a unique and inimitable piece.

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Five style cross

The vibrant and enchanting sumptuousness of this jewel transports us into mystical and opulent realms. A pendant of strong visual impact, which overlays five Christian crosses, tells a powerful and fortifying unity. Five different styles of crosses — Latin, Greek, Gothic, Byzantine, and Roman — held together by a finely crafted geometric line. An unparalleled example of goldsmithing artistry where creative genius, luxury, and innovation blend in perfect osmosis of dazzling splendor. A pendant crafted on multiple levels, a model of high craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. The chromatic interplay of white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold embraces a total of 649 precious stones. Up to 17 princess-cut diamonds in bezel settings stand out against a pave of round-cut, slab-set diamonds. A true work of art created by specialized master goldsmiths, who dedicated their skill and expert craftsmanship to this precious and magnificent jewel for over 15 days.