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The multiform creations of Gerardo Sacco are entirely conceived, designed and handmade in the master goldsmith’s workshop. A company characterized by non-automated production processes that give life to exclusive creations, a unique expression of Made in Italy.
The genius and entrepreneurial spirit, combined with the wisdom of an ancient craft and innovative techniques, make the laboratory an original and daring space for research and experimentation. A source of ideas open to all influences, artistic actions and training projects that involve young students from the goldsmith academies and art institutes, to whom we can transmit the passion of a profession full of creativity and manual skills.

Gerardo Sacco was born as a goldsmith shop in the early sixties. His are art jewels, characterized by careful historical, cultural and artistic research that aims to evoke the myths, traditions and legends of Calabria and Magna Graecia. In the eighties, his work caught the attention of Franco Zeffirelli, a meeting that marked a turning point in the business. Falling in love with these jewels, the director takes them to La Scala, opening the doors of the theater and cinema to Sacco. From that moment his name has been associated with the one of the great divas who wear his creations.

At the beginning of the 2000s, with the second generation, a step change took place, thanks to a profound review of the organizational structure. We thus move from a small laboratory-workshop to a real company, with the advent of new professionals called to coordinate production and commercial processes. A repositioning of the product begins which maintains its characteristics of uniqueness and craftsmanship declined on collections destined for a wider market. They are jewels that "tell stories" and that have a strongly symbolic character, which reminds the wearer about a story full of Magic, Myth or Mediterranean, the values of our brand that never go out of fashion over time!

The continuous product innovation is the central focus of Gerardo Sacco, that's why the company decided to invest in the research and development of new 3D prototyping techniques and in the training of designers from the Art Academies, giving life to the craftsman of the future. Gerardo Sacco's creations, entirely conceived, designed and made in the master goldsmith's workshop, are today known and appreciated all over the world for their eclectic lines and their quality.

In Italy, the brand is present with six boutiques in Crotone, Lamezia Terme, Milan, Reggio Calabria, Rome and Salerno and in several concessionary jewelry stores. Each boutique is an exhibition path enriched with sketches and small display cases, in which you can breathe art, craftsmanship and innovation through the vision of unique pieces and contemporary collections.

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