Wear the power and strength of the sea! The past becomes contemporary and comes out in collections that tell the stories and colors of the Mediterranean. Try to browse them with us.


  • Cammei
    Faces and silhouettes of timeless beauty carved and set in gold and silver. Embellished with pearls, corals and precious stones, they become jewels to be reserved for special occasions, a touch of grace and elegance for the wearer.
  • Magna Grecia
    Art and archeology come together jewels in gold, diamonds and precious stones. A journey through the ancient history of the Mediterranean in a line created for those who love to stand out.
  • Ricami
    The sparkle of precious stones, the glow of gold and the uniqueness of scaramazza beads strung one by one characterize jewels inspired by the typical ornaments of wedding dresses. For you who is adoring treasures, creations rich in tradition and craftsmanship, to be shown, preserved and handed down from mother to daughter.
  • Mattonelle
    <p><span>Like the pieces of a mosaic, the colored stones, set with gold claws and embellished by small pearls, alternate alternate with harmonious chromatic continuity. Unique jewels&nbsp; that can give a touch of color to any look and perfect in any season.</span></p>
  • Reverse Oro
    A reflection, a double sign able to distinguish ourselves. A gold jewel with precious stones handmade in Italy by skilled master craftsmen. The "Reverse Oro" is the ring of desire, a precious gift for the giver and the receiver.
  • Zodiaco Oro
    Discover your most precious charm: your uniqueness. A jewelry collection in 9 kt white gold with a zodiac sign in yellow gold, embellished with crystals in four colors, depending on the elements they represent, and inserted using an innovative and highly precise technique: stone-in-wax setting

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