Collections designed for a woman who believes in the saving power of objects, a contemporary sorceress or siren who loves to exercise spells. Bewitching jewels, rich in symbolic, magical and superstitious meanings.


  • Twist
    Classic or lively, determined or playful. The Twist line is suitable for any occasion and with its “Goodies” to be set wherever you wish, dresses your jewels in a brand new way changing as often as you want. Another patent that is added to the several inventions that distinguish Gerardo Sacco jewels.
  • Mesi
    A different magic symbol for each month. Inlays and engravings imprinted on precious metals, a jewel that speaks about you!
  • Mesi Reverse
    Four colors of shining crystals identify the four seasons and twelve designs identify your month of birth or an important event, such as a wedding, a meeting, a graduation. A plate turns and reveals a faceted mark or crystal. A must in the Gerardo Sacco’s collection is the Mesi Reverse ring. A patented that is a real identity document for the wearer. A ring chiseled according to the best Italian goldsmith art.
  • Pupi
    Gerardo Sacco reinterpreted the characters of the “Opera dei Pupi” with grace, irony and contemporary sensitivity. Each character in the collection represents the peculiarity which we face daily life with, the extra gear that distinguishes each of us. The charms with carabiner can be used as a pendant for a necklace, for a bracelet or as a good luck charm to hang on a key ring, bag or mobile phone. They are in silver, articulated and painted with enamels following ancient traditions.
  • Stagioni
    <p>Jewelry inspired by the seasons. Four different colors, each one to identify your season. Jewels embellished with faceted stones and bright colors, with symbols engraved with art and wisdom in order to pay homage to your season of the heart.</p>
  • Trottole
    The ancient game becomes a precious jewel with refined craftsmanship that skillfully combines silver and the sparkles of precious stones. A perfect patent for the Trottole ring, a must in the collection. A rotating head can become a toy jewel and a real stress reliever.
  • Letters
    Onyx letters&nbsp;carved&nbsp;into mother of pearl stone for a jewel with a strong personality.
  • Fusi
    <p>The ancient tool used for spinning becomes a magical jewel. On the silver spindle, a thread of small colored stones strung one by one, is creating a precious texture to give you a unique object, a treasure of tradition and craftsmanship.</p>

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