The multifaceted creations of Gerardo Sacco are entirely conceived, designed, and handcrafted in the master goldsmith's workshop. This company is characterized by non-automated production processes that result in exclusive creations, a unique expression of Made in Italy. The genius and entrepreneurial spirit, combined with the knowledge of an ancient craft and innovative techniques, make the workshop a space for original and daring research and experimentation. It is a forge of ideas open to all influences, artistic actions, and educational projects that involve young students from goldsmith academies and art institutes, to whom the passion for a profession rich in creativity and manual skills is transmitted.

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Gerardo Sacco began as a goldsmith workshop in the early 1960s. His jewelry is characterized by meticulous historical, cultural, and artistic research aimed at evoking the myths, traditions, and legends of Calabria and Magna Graecia. In the 1980s, his work caught the attention of Franco Zeffirelli, an encounter that marked a turning point in his career. Enchanted by these jewels, the director brought them to La Scala, opening the doors of theater and cinema for Sacco. From that moment on, his name has been associated with great divas who wear his creations.

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At the beginning of the 2000s, with the second generation, a significant shift occurred thanks to a profound reorganization of the company structure. The transition was made from a small workshop to a full-fledged company, with the introduction of new professional figures tasked with coordinating production and commercial processes. This marked the beginning of a product repositioning, maintaining its unique and artisanal characteristics while expanding into collections aimed at a broader market.

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The creations of Gerardo Sacco, entirely conceived, designed, and handcrafted in the master goldsmith's workshop, are now known and appreciated worldwide for their eclectic designs and quality.