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design and art

Entering a Gerardo Sacco boutique gives you the feeling of being inside a modern art gallery. An exhibition itinerary enriched with sketches and small display cases leads the visitor-traveler to discover the company’s past and present. A long journey in which culture, traditions, myths, dreams and visions converge in the art of the different lines and collections. The boutiques, with a refined and welcoming design, adapt themselves to the most different contexts, enhancing their architectural characteristics.


A journey through the artistic path of Gerardo Sacco. An agora with a rich decoration, in which details leave nothing to chance, and with important spaces evoking the temple of Hera. A place where innovation and magic holding each other in a theater of unique pieces that have made the history of cinema and theater.



At number 16 in via Manzoni you get the feeling of entering an enchanted garden, a museum of fantasy, a wunderkammer where extraordinary objects of fine Italian manufacture are collected, and tell stories of ancient worlds in a contemporary reading.



In Margutta street, where the atmosphere is enchanted and time seems to be stopped, Gerardo Sacco jewels find their home among artisan shops and art galleries. A small and magical Wunderkammer in the earth of the Eternal City, where the suggestive traditions and fascinating cultures of the Mediterranean are transformed into precious jewels entirely handmade in Italy.



A small but precious showroom, the one of Piazza Portanova, modern and warm at the same time, allows the visitor to explore the collections through a gallery made up of small display cases that lead to the entrance of the store. Inside it you can breathe art, thanks to the sketches of the maison’s most precious jewels that adorn the walls, such as the Liberty style pendant “Liz”, which takes its name from the divine Elizabeth Taylor that the Crotone goldsmith master met on the set of “Il Giovane Toscanini”.


Lamezia Terme

Inside the Lamezia Terme International Airport, the Gerardo Sacco boutique is ready to welcome tourists and travelers who want to relax while waiting for their flight, breathing the Italian savoir faire and the flavor of the Mediterranean, with its myths and stories which jewels Made in South Italy are inspired.


Reggio Calabria

Among the shops in Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Gerardo Sacco showroom opens a window on Italian craftsmanship excellence. The large and welcoming spaces of the boutique reflect the elegance and refinement of the brand and the craftsman’s inspirations come to life through the large exhibition of the most representative jewels of the brand.

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