“Rinascita” Earrings

On the 925/000 Silver Earrings is depicted the Tripod, linked to Apollo Delphic and the myths of the foundation of the city of Kroton, an icon of Magna Graecia, which rises majestically. On one side, instead of the heron, also a messenger of a new day, there is a phoenix, a mythological bird that rises from its ashes. A symbolic jewel that is a hymn to a good return, to the pleasure of being together, to renewal and to new challenges. A true talisman full of good wishes, the perfect gift to wish a future of renewal, peace and prosperity.

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1,8 cm
Ciondolo "Rinascita" (28008)
  • Ciondolo "Rinascita" (28008)
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Silver earrings with depiction of the Tripod and the Phoenix
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