Earrings Masks and Coins

Silver Earrings with Gorgone


925/000 Silver Earrings with Gorgon of Syracuse, a mythological figure with a scary face and poisonous snakes for hair that had an apotropaic function, i.e. able to exorcising negative influences. The gorgon's head was often used on warrior shields but also as an architectural element of Greek temples.


  • 34025
  • Sterling Silver
Reference 34025

Earrings Masks and Coins

Silver Earrings with Gorgone


Artistic intuition and creativity take shape through the execution of the sketch, which initially is always done by hand.

The artistic vocation and uniqueness, typical of Made in Italy, reside in Gerardo Sacco's timeless jewelry, jewels that tell a story... where the goldsmith tradition of "handcrafted" merges with the use of new technologies that support the creative department and through 2D and 3D software skillfully combine craftsmanship and digital innovation.


The ancient art of lost wax casting initiates a jewelry-making process that carries the essence of manual skill combined with a continuous pursuit of innovation. The models of our creations are made directly by hand or with the help of prototyping machines, and each one embodies a distinct artistic sensitivity closely tied to the "artisan workshop," a temple of Made in Italy.

The fusion of precious metals and the craftsmanship at the bench for each piece makes every creation truly unique, preserving the stages of manual workmanship through polishing, assembling, setting, and threading of gemstones and micro pearls.

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