Astolfo Puppets Charm

925/000 silver hand-glazed Charm, equipped with carabiner to personalize bracelets and necklaces with originality. The elaborate jeweled dolls, inspired by the “Opera dei Pupi” (Puppet's Opera), are part of the Magia Collection. Fourteen characters, everyone with its own character in which you can recognize yourself. Discover the puppet in you!Astolfo "the adventurer" Otto king of England's son and Orlando and Rinaldo's cousin, Astolfo the champion of France is a free spirit attracted by weapons and beautiful women. Insightful and nice, he goes around the world looking for adventures that he faces thanks to the magic horn that puts any opponent to flight, the enchanted spear and the book to frustrate spells. A tireless traveler, he travels all over the world till Hell and Paradise, and on the Hippogriff wing he goes to the Moon where the most wonderful adventure awaits him: the recovery of Orlando's sense.

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4 cm
Astolfo Silver Charm
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