Art and trades

Pure and indomitable strong contamination! These elements make Gerardo Sacco’s jewellery an example of artistic vitality and emotional strength.Thanks to the peculiarity of his work, together with the ability to study and elaborate models from the past, Franco that Franco Zeffirelli decided to entrust him with the production of jewellery for several of his plays and movies. Sacco’s refined and sophisticated talent enables him to create varied and colourful treasures, suitable for timeless divas as well as contemporary collections.

Liz Taylor, Franco Zeffirelli e Gerardo Sacco sul set de Il Giovane Toscanini

This is, undoubtedly one of his creation to which the goldsmith is deeply tied to, realized for the AMFAR: a charity auction held in New York in 1989. Liz Taylor, godmother of the event, wanted Gerardo Sacco to participate at the happening next to the most famous jewellers in the world. Recently a news reached the company, about this necklace sold again by auction.

Handmade jewelry

The creations of Gerardo Sacco are handmade jewels, of eclectic and multiform style, entirely conceived, designed and made in the laboratory-workshop of the master goldsmith. Jewels that lead us in a space made by ancient trades and innovative techniques to be tested. The passion and the ability to want to pass on to future generations a knowledge that, in addition to manual skills, is fuelled by continuous research for originality and audacity. For this reason Gerardo Sacco has always shaped aspiring goldsmiths turning them into artisans with proven experience. It’s a continuous vision of working hands, starting from the graphic sketch, through the technique of waste wax process and the activities carried out over the work bench. An amazing journey through the uniqueness of the made in Italy, where talent and entrepreneurial spirit make excellent an artisan company that, by maintaining the non-automated production processes and collaborating with Italian craftsmen, can be proud of creating craftsmanship entirely produced in Italy. Moreover, the laboratory of Gerardo Sacco is often the scene of training projects involving young people from schools focalising in goldsmith and art institutes. A great opportunity given to those who respond to the economic crisis by seeking a solution for working, learning and specializing in a profession full of fantasy and concreteness together.

The birth of a jewel

the lost wax

the lost wax

An ancient method
for timeless creation

The wax prototypes are handed over to the workshop, where they are mounted on a "small tree" placed in an appropriate cylinder, which is then filled with chalk and left to set for at least two hours.

Once the chalk is hardened, the whole cylinder is placed into an oven for thirteen hours: this is what brings about the fusion of the lost wax, which leaves an imprint of the model in the chalk.

Following this, the metal (gold or silver) is melted in the furnace at a temperature of about 1020°C and the cylinder is placed into the Vacumetal, where the melted metal is poured in to fill the empty holes left by the wax.

the workbench

the workbench

a unique jewel was born
Once the metal prototype is ready, the crafting takes place at the workbench, where the chalk is removed, polished and refined to proceed to its definitive cast, through a rubber mould which is used to make more than one copy.

Each creation is assembled by hand, and for this reason one is never the same as another, making our jewellery unique and distinctive.

Threading the micro-beads one by one around a cameo or a precious gem, putting all of the pieces together to make an original necklace is a very fascinating operation.


Gerardo Sacco’s silver stands alone in the current market of ornaments.
They actually are inspired by the utensils of the Mediterranean farming culture; jars, jugs, braziers and amphoras which are redesigned and forged in silver. Handmade with the techniques of embossing and chisel, they maintain all their handmade peculiarities.

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