Our inspirations

Mediterranean, Myth and Magic are the three inspirations that nourish Gerardo Sacco’s creativity, who has always been inspired by his native land, the ancient Magna Graecia. In Mediterranean collections you will read all the strength and passion of the sea. The most ancient stories of heroes, legends and Gods are translated in a contemporary key in the Myth collections. The strength of destiny, the talismans and the wisdom of the stars are contained in the Magic collections. Discover them all with us

Our Jewelry

Gerardo Sacco’s jewels are precious, elegant and refined artifacts containing a charm between the magical and the symbolic. Exclusive, magnetic and charismatic jewels, in which style blends with Mediterranean tradition. The elaborate craftsmanship, exclusively Made in Italy, transforms gold and silver into unique shapes characterizing their design.

Our Icon

Reverse Oro is a special ring with an unmistakable magic made by brown diamonds, rubies, pink and blue sapphires. It is a patented jewel that, with a simple gesture, rotates the plate to have a more sober face and a more glamorous one depending on the occasion. A real “identity certificate”! On one side there is the stone of its own season and on the other one the symbol of its own month. It is a ring that reveals a part of us and tells us to others.

Our Exclusive Jewels

Il genio creativo di Gerardo Sacco lo porta a realizzare manufatti unici dallo stile eclettico. Spesso al Maestro piace mettersi alla prova creando edizioni straordinarie in corallo, ceramica, oro e argento, collaborando con i più bravi artigiani dei vari settori. Gerardo Sacco realizza gioielli couture personalizzati. La creatività e i disegni sono pensati e realizzati interamente nel laboratorio-bottega del maestro orafo nell'eccellenza del Made in Italy.

Our story

An invitation to discover the true story of Gerardo Sacco who made his talent the purpose of his life: to design unique jewels. Discover with us the pieces of the mosaic of his life: the most important steps, the most coveted goals and the climb to a desired success achieved with strength and courage.

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Our corporate

With Antonio, Viviana and Andrea Sacco arrival into the company there was a focus on expanding the market, combining the ability to innovate and technological skills to traditional craft techniques. Great attention was paid to the training of young apprentices, the fulcrum of the continuation of Made in Italy in the goldsmith’s art. Genius and entrepreneurial spirit have allowed the growth of an artisan company which, while maintaining non-automated processes, can boast the creation of artifacts entirely produced in Italy.

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