An art as ancient as it is modern... that harmonious intertwining of ideas and material that transforms into jewelry. It begins with a dream, a rarefied and sublime vision, infused with creativity, passion, and a pinch of madness.

You enter the place where artistic intuition takes shape, that "craft workshop" which eternally symbolizes Made in Italy. This is where unique and original pieces are created by master craftsmen, who, while anchored in tradition, are forward-looking.


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mattonelle oro

Like the tiles of a mosaic, the colorful stones, set with gold prongs and embellished by tiny pearls, alternate to create a harmonious chromatic continuity.

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Paste vitree

A collection of colorful jewels, featuring diverse cuts and the shimmering reflections of light on the waters of a crystal-clear sea.

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img desktop Ricami img mobile Ricami


The sparkle of precious stones, the gleam of gold, and the uniqueness of baroque pearls strung one by one define these jewels, inspired by the typical adornments of bridal gowns.

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That day has come! Emotions overflow as dreams come true. A Gerardo Sacco jewel will be the exclusive and unforgettable way to commemorate every event in your life. A creation rich in meaning and originality, where style and uniqueness will immortalize your precious moments. Personalize and make your jewels special... give value to your memories!
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Handcrafted creations that tell a story, much like all stories recount wonderful encounters. Since 1963, these encounters have formed the true heritage of Gerardo Sacco. Rich with poetry and wonder, these encounters transform each jewel into precious tales that speak of an all-Italian savoir-faire.

The original artistic intuition, combined with meticulous attention to threading micro pearls and the expert craftsmanship in setting precious stones, gives life to unparalleled masterpieces of high jewelry. Discover the careful and refined "tailoring" of each jewel, where style surpasses fashion and personality transcends mere appearance, where unique pieces enchant the world of luxury.

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